Why you should own an Aranmula Kannadi, Kerala's Traditional Handicraft?

Do you have a penchant for artefacts tied strongly to a heritage?

Do souvenirs that define a traditional value excite you?

Ever visited Kerala and wanted to bring home a memory rooted deep in its culture?

If you nodded yes to all these questions, you should check out the acclaimed Aranmula mirror forged from the temple town of Aranmula. 

Aranmula mirror has always been told as a symbol of Kerala’s tradition, but where does the history of this cherished artefact begin? The story goes that the King of Pandalam brought artisans from other states to build the famed Parthasarathy temple. As the artisans made ornaments and bells made of a copper-based alloy, they happened to discover the reflective property of a particular copper-tin alloy. There began the tradition of the making of Aranmula mirror.

To sum up the priceless attributes of an Aranmula mirror,

The Aranmula mirror has procured a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, the first item from the state to procure one.

The mirror is made of unique metallurgical skills and an intricacy that signifies Kerala’s finest tales of craftsmanship. 

The mirror has a speciality in that it eliminates any secondary reflections and is a front-reflecting mirror unlike the plane glass mirrors

An Aranmula mirror is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and is believed to bring good luck to your home. This naturally makes it an ideal gift that intends goodwill for your dear ones. 

The list could go on about the invaluable properties that make it unique. But you’ll know the true richness of the Aranmula mirror only when you feel the contours and intricate designs expertly carved on it by skilled craftsmen. Go ahead and buy one to know what grandiose feels like! 

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