Top 5 Eco-friendly Home Decor from Culture Shoppe

Look around your house. How many items are made of plastic and other materials that take a lifetime to degrade? If they are more than a handful, you need to rethink your priorities.

Change begins at home and more than anything, this is the place where you need to create a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere. Try aligning your décor to suit the philosophy that underpins a greener planet.

Lift the mood of your homes with these eco-friendly handicrafts.

A sustainable abode with environmental-friendly and stylish decor.

Bamboo Handicrafts

The bamboo crafts are handy and organic products that display expert craftsmanship. Designed to perfection, the bamboo reed utensils are eco-friendly and lightweight objects that occupy only minimal space and have a long life. Besides, they symbolize an organic aesthetic.

From handmade bamboo Puttu makers to bamboo reed lampshades, Culture Shoppe has an interesting collection of bamboo handicrafts that are sleek, of ergonomic designs and can amp up as creative improvers to your home space.

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Channapatna Toys and Jars

Let your little ones play with the eco-friendly Channapatna toys that are hard to break and made of the finest Channapatna wood. The Channapatna collection in Culture Shoppe is forged using eco-friendly materials and non-toxic vegetable dyes/ natural shellac, with impeccable artistry. Innovate your space with indigenous and colourful toys that are perky home decor and sustainable materials for children to play with.

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Wooden Crafts

Chiselled from the finest of wood, the wooden crafts at Culture Shoppe perk up the outlook of your living space with the most attractive and unique designs.

Add some vintage glamour to your homes with richly-hued wooden products that are perfect for an antique and classic appeal. Bring grandeur to your rooms in minimalist ways. From utility jars to wooden elephants, Culture Shoppe has got it all.

Coconut Crafts

Bring an earthy tone to your rooms with the exclusive collection of coconut handicrafts from Culture Shoppe. Moreover, coconut handicrafts effortlessly add that sassy touch to animate a dull space. From pen stands to dessert bowls, Culture Shoppe has a unique collection of coconut handicrafts that every Nature lover should own!

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Nothing beats plants in their charm or their easy ability to alleviate the mood of an indoor space. Air-purifying plants are a hassle-free choice to bring elegance to your living rooms. From the silvery-white Begonia to the easy-to-grow Episcia plants, Culture Shoppe has got you covered with a lively collection of plants to beautify your space.

Besides these collections, Culture Shoppe also has other human-friendly products like terracotta cups, copper bottles, screwpine handicrafts, handloom apparel and many more that will let you express your commitment to sustainability. 

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