Vibrant green toys for a greener future

Vibrant green toys for a greener future

India has a long and storied history with pollution-free and environment-friendly toys. Cultural artefacts showcasing this include Harappa's terracotta models, discovered in the 20th century. Mass-produced plastic toys disrupted this indigenous streak, but the nostalgia and love for these magnificent specimens are still strong among the masses. They represent an indelible part of India and the world's heritage, and it is high time we rekindled this relationship.


The ingredients for each of these wooden toys are sourced directly from forest produce, from organic leaf-based colouring to permissible forest wood, in a sustainable way created by rural craftsmen. This has the two-fold effect of bolstering the village economy and reducing our dependence on plastic items. 


A green toy is not only a part of our heritage but also an excellent way to introduce the young to the fight against global warming.


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