Must-buy GI-tagged Products from Culture Shoppe

Items tied to their places of origin known as the GI (Geographical Indication)-tagged products have certain distinguishing qualities that make them stand apart.

The geographical identity of a product is forged through years of craftsmanship that connects the community with the cultural history of the place. When such products earn a global reputation, they not only add value to a connoisseur’s collection but also offer recognition to the artisan communities and assure protection to their livelihoods. This mark of authenticity is a pointer to and guarantor of the matchless standard of the product. Explore the exquisite collection of exclusive GI-tagged products in Culture Shoppe.

Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is a unique handicraft from Kerala that has won admirers and patrons around the globe. It is a rare handmade metal mirror that has its origin in the temple town of Aranmula. The unique process involved in the making of an Aranmula mirror has secured it a Geographical Indication tag, the first item from the state to have procured one. Crafted with specially cultivated metallurgical skills, Aranmula mirror is a front-reflecting mirror that eliminates any secondary reflections.

Culture Shoppe has a diverse collection of Aranmula mirrors that consists of the standard ones and also the Shankh, Mayura, Ashwatha and Mihir varieties that have conch-shaped, peacock-shaped, peepal leaf-shaped and sun-shaped frames.

Screwpine Crafts of Kerala

The screwpine industry is a traditional cottage industry in Kerala that has long provided employment opportunities to women in the region. Screwpine, known as Thazha in Malayalam, is extensively available in Kerala and widely acknowledged for its eco-friendly benefits. The GI-tagged screwpine handcrafts from Kerala are sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

Check out the interesting collection of screwpine handcrafts from Culture Shoppe that encompass pen holders, mats, clutches and cake trays, all made of the natural screwpine leaf!

Coconut Shell Crafts

Kerala stands out as the land of coconuts and it’s no wonder that the famous Alappuzha coir is a GI-tagged product of the state. Kerala, especially its backwater lands, is home to skilled coir artisans who are experts at weaving and carving products from various parts of the coconut tree. From husk to shell to the very roots of the coconut tree, everything is made into beautiful handicrafts.

Check out the collection in Culture Shoppe for an interesting line-up of coconut products.

Balaramapuram Handloom

Balaramapuram Kaithari or Balaramapuram handloom is pure handspun magic!  Known for its comfortable texture, which is a product of expert craftsmanship, Balaramapuram handloom has a long history that tells tales of expertise honed over generations. Culture Shoppe has an attractive collection of the GI-tagged Balaramapuram handloom products procured from the master weavers of the handloom village.

Jaipur Blue Pottery

The eye-catching cobalt blue of Jaipur pottery has been an object of amazement for centuries. The versatile quality of the Jaipur pottery technique has inspired many but it seems to be at its best when cast in the traditional moulds. It has also helped build a strong crafts community in India.

Culture Shoppe has a varied collection of artefacts made out of Jaipur Blue Pottery that owes its fame as much to its status as a GI-tagged product as its links to a vibrant and indigenous crafts tradition. 

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