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Model: DL-V015
Bharatanatyam Indian Classical Dance by Anita Ratnam CompositionsAmbika Pallavi Andal Kouthuvam Painkili Vannan Sirulu Minchina ThillanaAmbika Pallavi is composed in praise of Goddess Ambika (Divine Mother) by India’s most revered social reformer and philosopher Adi Sankara. Andal Kouth..
Model: DL-V007
Savitha Sastry is an Indian dancer and choreographer, who brought with her to the stage classical traditions of Bharatanatyam that gave relevance and meaning to the art form in its current age. This video is dedicated to students and connoisseurs of the art form that may wish to study the te..
Model: DL-V002
Rajashree Warrier, Bharatanatyam dancer and Musician (Carnatic Music). She gives Bharatanatyam recitals and Carnatic music concerts. She has around fifteen dance productions to her credit. Rajashree directed and presented more than eight Television documentary series on Art and Culture in regional a..
Model: DL-V001
India: Our Heritage, Our Pride is a video that brings to life an India with an enthralling past. Come, see India at its cultural, historical and natural best! There is art, history, architecture, sculpture, painting and culture that one can find only in a land of multiplicities and multitude..
Model: DL-V005
Kathak Indian Classical Dance by Pali ChandraCompositions Chali akelee naar Bihaari ko apne bas kar paavum Na maanoongi Om Jayanti mangala kari Tarana In Chali akelee naar, Pali Chandra describes the myriad emotions of a woman determined to meet her beloved. In Bihaari ko apne bas kar paavum,..
Model: DL-V008
CompositionsBhamakalaapam Krishnashabdham Marakatha manimaya chelaAbout Kuchipudi Classical Dance Kuchipudi dance has originated from the village of Kuchelapuri or Kuchelapuram in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh and has a history of nearly two millennia. Since its origin, it h..
Model: DL-V006
Kutiyattam (Balivadham) Kutiyattam Balivadham is an eventful part of the epic Ramayana. Lord Surya’s (Sun God) charioteer Aruna who assumes the form of a woman, begets a child from Lord Indra (Lord of Heaven) called Bali, and one from Lord Surya (Sun God) called Sugriva. Bali who becomes the..
Model: DL-V013
Kailasodharanam Kutiyattam by Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri is an absorbing piece of drama from the epic Ramayana, in which the mighty demon King Ravana encounters Mount Kailasa and the ensuing events culminating in a curse that ends his life at a later stage. About Kutiyattam Kutiyattam is..
Model: DL-V003
Savitha Sastry is an Indian dancer and choreographer, who brought with her to the stage classical traditions of Bharatanatyam that gave relevance and meaning to the art form in its current age. Learn Bharatanatyam with Savitha Sastry is a teaching aid useful to students and connoisseurs of t..
Model: DL-V010
Learn Kathak with Pali Chandra is a series of lecture demonstrations by renowned Kathak dancer Pali Chandra. The video presents various aspects of nritta and nritya (pure technique and expression) aspects of Kathak. This video will be more useful to those who have the basic training in Katha..
Model: DL-V012
Manipuri Dance by Bimbavati Devi CompositionsNani Churi Vasant Ras Dhol Cholam Radha Roop Varnan Pung CholamAbout Manipuri Dance Form Manipuri, the classical dance of the North Eastern State of Manipur in India, is a graceful, peaceful and lyrical dance form. The prevalent ambience..
Model: DL-V004
Mohiniyattam classical dance by Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla Innu Mama Bhagya Taru (Swathi Thirunal Kriti) is in praise of Lord Vishnu, and it gives the dancer ample scope for the swaying movements that is typical to Laasya the predominant emotion in Mohiniyattam. Nritta Prabandham is in praise of Lo..
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