Thorth | Handcrafted Towels From Kerala

Thorth | Handcrafted Towels From Kerala

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Thorth is the traditional, handcrafted bathing towel from Kerala with multifaceted uses! Made from the finest natural threads, the bathing towels handcrafted from Kerala serve a lot of purposes, all in environment-friendly ways.

  • This animal fat-free product uses less quantity of water than other towels, giving a leg up to water-conservation efforts in our society.
  • Added to this, quick-drying is another striking feature of Thorth. When other types of bath towels take hours to dry up, wetness gets removed from Thorth within minutes upon leaving out it in the sun.
  • This organic, lightweight towel is also said to prevent hair loss.
  • Made of pure-quality cotton, Thorth is skin-friendly and can be washed easily with stain and bacteria not sticking for long.
  • Its ends are professionally stitched so there will be no more thread-outs, thereby increasing its durability.

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