Nelkathir | Home decor

Nelkathir | Home decor

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The wall hanging-décor of Nelkathir is linked to a ritual called ‘Illam Nira’ held in temples. It is held during the Malayalam month of Karikadakam. For Illam Nira, newly reaped paddy spikes are brought into the temple and special rituals are performed on it. Later, the paddy from the bunch is distributed to the devotees and they paste it with cow dung and the leaf of a Banyan tree at the entrance of their houses.

  •  Nelkathir is a bunch of rice sheaves that are usually hung in houses and temples.
  • Kathirkula is believed to bring good health, wealth and prosperity to the home.
  •  Illam Nira symbolically represents a very good harvest season in which the house is filled with rice for the next season.

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