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Thiruvathirappattukal (Thiruvathira Songs)

Thiruvathirappattukal (Thiruvathira Songs)
Thiruvathirappattukal (Thiruvathira Songs)
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Thiruvathirappattu is sung during the occasion of Thiruvathira, the women’s festival of Kerala. This is celebrated on the Thiruvathira asterism in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December/January). The observation of Thiruvathira by Rathi brought her husband Kamadeva back to life after he was reduced to ashes by the ire of Lord Shiva. Women observe rituals like Thiruvathira Vritham (Fasting), chewing of 108 betel leaves along with lime and arecanut, taking a dip in the village pond at midnight followed by the placing of flowers on hair – a ceremony known as Pathirapoochoodal. Afterwards they perform the dance, Thiruvathirakali.

Thiruvathirappattu is the song that accompanies Thiruvathirakali. In Thiruvathirakali, dancers execute graceful movements full of laasya around a lighted traditional wick lamp (nilavilakku). The dance follows a circular, pirouetting pattern accompanied by clapping and singing. The songs sound like a flowing river – sometimes it moves swiftly; sometimes they hurtle down like waterfalls; sometimes they have docile movements and at times they are serene.

Invis Multimedia presents nine Thiruvathirappattukal which are part of Kerala’s traditional life and culture.


  1. Athira innaanallo
  2. Varikayunni Ganapathiye
  3. Velu Vele Meni
  4. Sree Mahadevanoranayayi
  5. Nanmayerunnoru pennine
  6. Parvathi thane vivaham
  7. Onne onne poy
  8. Karimukhan Kavimathum
  9. Maveli orunal neram veluthal

Research and Music:  Prof.Dr.Leela Omchery and Dr.Deepti Omchery Bhalla
Vocal:  Geeta Rajendran, Aruna Thampi, Suresh
Veena: Maya Varma
Violin:  Vrinda Varma
Edakka:  Satheesh Poduwal
Mridangam:  Muttara N.Rajendran


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GenreKerala Music
FormatMP3 (Download)


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