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Onappattukal (Onam Songs)

Onappattukal (Onam Songs)
Onappattukal (Onam Songs)
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Onappattukal (Onam Songs)

Onam the famous harvest festival of Kerala is associated with the legend of King Mahabali who ruled the land a long time ago. His rule was supposed to be an era of peace and prosperity. He was sent to the nether world by Vamanan, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He was granted permission to visit his subjects and the land he once ruled every year during the Malayalam month of Chingam (August – September). Every year the land decks up in anticipation of the beloved King. The celebrations for Onam are on for 10 days, beginning with the Atham asterism of the Malayalam month Chingam. During Onam season all Keralites, regardless of caste and religion rejoice together and reaffirm the values of harmony and co-existence. Kerala celebrates Onam with great pride and joy, and each corner of the state echoes with the joyous sounds of native sports, art forms, processions and fairs. The inevitable floral decoration is seen at every home. Many temple festivals, boat races and agrarian events are also held during the Onam season.

Laying the atthapookalam (floral decoration) in front of the houses and singing traditional Onam songs (Onappattukal) to welcome King Mahabali remind the listeners of all the good things in life and the desire to sustain them till the next Onam. Onappattukal offer a glimpse of the bygone days under Mahabali, which were filled with happiness and prosperity. The songs are a heartfelt prayer for restoring the glories of the bygone era. Onappattukal also rekindle hopes in the minds of the people filling them with the spirit of the festivity.

Invis Multimedia presents nine Onam songs (Onappattukal) that aptly capture the mood of Kerala during the Onam season.


  1. Pathamudayathiruvona naalil ………....  Chadangupaattu
  2. Onnanam mathilakathu onnilallo ……..  Poovirukkal
  3. Poli poli poliyo …………………………..  Onappooppolima
  4. Thrikkakarayappa katharuleedenam…. Thrikkakkaradeva pooja
  5. Mallikapoo njanidunnen ……………….. Kanyapooja
  6. Njanangu povanjale ……………………. Mahadeva pooja
  7. Onnanam kochuthumbi encode poruvayo … Thumbippaattu
  8. Enthu thumbi nee thullathirikkunnu ………..   Thumbippaattu
  9. Onnanam kochuthumbi kandayo …………...   Thumbippaattu

Research & Music:  Dr.Leela Omchery & Dr.Deepti Omchery Bhalla
Vocal:  Geeta Rajendran, Aruna Thampi, Suresh
Veena:  Maya Varma
Violin:  Vrinda Varma
Edakka:  Satheesh Poduwal
Mridangam:  Muttara N.Rajendran


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GenreKerala Music
FormatMP3 (Download)
Duration70 Minutes


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