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Kathakalippadam - Melpadam and Kalyanasougandhikam (abridged)


Kathakalippadam - Melpadam and Kalyanasougandhikam (abridged)

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Kathakalippadam by Kalamandalam Haridas and Margi Damu features Melappadam and songs from Kalyanasougandhikam. They are accompanied by percussion: Maddalam by Kalanilayam Babu and Chenda by Kalamandalam Krishnadas.

Kathakalipadams are songs sung in the Sopanam style of music and are part of Kathakali performances, the classical dance form of Kerala. The stories taken up for Kathakali performances are conveyed through Kathakalipadams. The slow rhythmic pace with subtle variations in pitch is a noted feature of Kathakalipadam renditions.

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Genre Kathakali Music
Type Vocal
Format MP3 (Download)
Duration 45 minutes
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