Kathakali Figurine (Krishna) | Kathakali Handicraft Doll

Kathakali Figurine (Krishna) | Kathakali Handicraft Doll

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This handcrafted model represents a Kathakali dancer portraying mythological character Krishna. Made of wood, the figurine is decked with costumes and ornaments to make it look authentic. 

  • The classical dance-drama of Kathakali chronicles the lives, relationships and conflicts of gods and extraordinary individuals of Indian mythology.
  • Delightful in the wealth of imagery, Kathakali ranks high among the dance forms in India.
  • The figurine is a perfect and colourful souvenir that carries the essence of Kerala and its traditional dance form of Kathakali. 

Aranmula Mirror
Width 27 cm
Height 53 cm
Weight 1012 gm

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