Kerala Chips | Homemade Banana Chips (500 Gm)

Kerala Chips | Homemade Banana Chips (500 Gm)

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A favourite snack with people of all ages, Kerala chips or Banana chips are dried, fried slices of bananas. They are a quick, convenient, affordable source of energy to ward off your hunger pangs.

  • Unripe bananas are deep-fried in coconut oil to make these crispy chips. The tasty snack is prepared without using any artificial colour or added flavour.
  • Also known as Ethakka Upperi, they are also served in sadya meal as part of Onam celebrations. Chips from jack fruits, tapioca and potatoes are also popular in Kerala.
  • The chips may be coated with masala or jaggery to form spicy or sweet variations.

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