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Coconut Crafts

Serve snacks in style, the ecofriendly way in this coconut shell 3 in 1 bowl...
A creation of awe in a coconut husk that portrays the serene smile of Buddha at its best...
Carry Snack Bowl
New 2-3 Days
Coconut shell bowl to serve snacks the tropical way,non toxic and non reactive...
Coconut husk creatively hand carved into a monkey is sure to catch every passing eye!..
Crafted from coconut husk  it not only adds charm to your wall but keeps you in pace with time too!..
Aesthetically carved from coconut shells this jug is a must have eco friendly treat in everyhome cutlery collection...
A household item from yore, a Nirapara is filled with husked rice and bunches of coconut tree flowers on top to signify abundance. An important part of all traditional and auspicious occasions in God’s Own Country, a miniature Nirapara sculptured from a coconut shell, beckons elegance, grace..
Vadipara is a household item from yore, used exclusively for the purpose of measuring. This household miniature sculptured from a coconut shell ooze traditional beauty and reawakens a long lost cultural legacy of Kerala, in any place of its situate...
Coconut Shell Pot Coconut Shell Pot
New 2-3 Days
A perfect storage pot for your kitchen, straight from nature, an eco sustainable  asset to your kitchen!..
Dessert Cup
New Sold Out
Serve your desserts cool, in this cool coconut way...
A dainty designer dessert bowl in shell, to add appeal and taste to its serve...
Immaculately pruned to replicate a flower, this husk planter adds awe to the jade plant in it...
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