Wooden Tortoise Toy / Channapatna Toy Tortoise

Wooden Tortoise Toy / Channapatna Toy Tortoise

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This all-natural pull along tortoise toy is the perfect playmate for your child to zoom around with.

 Forged in the quaint locality of Channapatna, Culture Shoppe's unique range of green toys and utility/decor items are made of Eco-friendly materials that protect the environment, while adding charm and panache to your home. All the products are made of wood and thus, are free of health hazards. The non-toxic vegetable dyes/natural shellac used to make it perfect for usage by children, who are regularly exposed to non-sustainable materials, that harm the environment and even their users in the long term. The symmetrical shape and movements of these toys increase hand-eye coordination and motor capacities in children, and also developmental skills. Another advantage of these products is that regular toys typically serve one role and cannot be re-purposed, and green toys after use can be destroyed without causing any harm to the environment. Our distinctive range of green toys are important custodians of any child's upbringing, and free of Ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and toxic by-products…….

our future generations shall cherish their toys with the utmost safety at all times.  

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