Wooden Salt And Pepper Shaker | Channapatna Home Decor

Wooden Salt And Pepper Shaker | Channapatna Home Decor

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  • Rs.400

This delightful salt and pepper set in the shape of a bear adds an aura of charm to every household. 

  • Forged in the quaint locality of Channapatna, Culture Shoppe's unique range of green toys and utility/decor items are made of Eco-friendly materials that protect the environment, while adding charm and panache to your home.
  • All the products are made of wood and thus, are free of health hazards.
  • The non-toxic vegetable dyes/natural shellac used to make it perfect for usage by children, who are regularly exposed to non-sustainable materials, that harm the environment and even their users in the long term.
  • Another advantage of these products is that they can be easily destroyed without causing any harm to the environment. 

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