Kathakali Face (Small) | Wall Hanging

Kathakali Face (Small) | Wall Hanging

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The Kathakali wall hanging portrays the face of a dancer in all its vibrant colours performing Kathakali, a classical dance form of Kerala. Made of fibre, this lifelike handcrafted face model is a wall-hanging décor that can give a new perspective to your surroundings. 

  • Kathakali, one of the major forms of classical Indian dance, originated in Kerala some 300 years ago.
  • Innovations made to Raamanaattam transpired into present-day Kathakali.
  • It retells stories from the past, mainly from Indian epics, rendering a perfect mix of acting, music and literary beauty.
  • This story-play is inspired by classical, ritual, folk and martial traditions of Kerala.
Aranmula Mirror
Width 18 cm
Height 22 cm
Weight 216 gm

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