Nettur Petti - 9 Inch x 6 Inch | Kerala Traditional Jewellery Box (Red, Green, Orange, Blue and White)

Nettur Petti - 9 Inch x 6 Inch | Kerala Traditional Jewellery Box (Red, Green, Orange, Blue and White)

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[Available colours - Red, green, orange, blue and white]

With the skill and expertise of our artisans, we bind and protect the finest aspects of our heritage. The intricate carvings on a beautiful Nettur Petti have, since time immemorial, reminded all travellers to the shores of our regal legacy as well as the grand temples that adorn Kerala’s landscapes. These handcrafted boxes have been passed down in royal families for generations, and today, they are considered integral parts of major ceremonies in all communities. Considered personifications of royalty and opulence, the wooden Nettur Petti has a kingly legacy, dating back to the 14th century. It literally translates to “Petti” or box made in Nettur, a sleepy hamlet located in Northern Kerala. Popularly known as Malabar Box, it is also called Aamadapetti in various parts of Kerala. Customarily made of rosewood, these glossy boxes are also made of teak, mahogany and jackfruit wood. 

Each Nettur Petti is made in accordance with specific mathematical principles, which operate according to the ancient science of architecture that has been followed in Kerala for centuries, known as “Tachusashtram”. The shape and structure of the box can be likened to the traditional houses of Kerala, and the measurements required for both of these follow the same broad propositions. The purpose of these gorgeously carved wooden boxes was to store the gold ornaments of women of wealthy families as well as in temples to safeguard the jewellery used to adorn the idols.

  • Every part of the box is handmade, from the lock to the nails, and the intricate brass embellishments on the Nettur Petti give it a luxurious finish.
  • The rich earthy colours of the Nettur Petti are set off splendidly by the extravagant embellishments, making it the ideal gift, personifying elegance and luxury.
  • Now synonymous with the state and its culture, they represent the very spirit and ingenuity of Kerala and its craftsmen.

Aranmula Mirror
Width 21 cm
Height 14 cm
Weight 1120 gm

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