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Bamboo Puttu Maker / Bamboo Steamer / Puttu kutti

Bamboo Puttu Maker / Bamboo Steamer / Puttu kutti
Bamboo Puttu Maker / Bamboo Steamer / Puttu kutti
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Puttu is one of the staple breakfast items of Kerala. It can be considered one of the healthiest ways to start your day, as it is made by steaming rice, wheat or ragi flour in cylindrical utensils specially designed to make puttu. Steaming food ensures that its natural flavour and texture remain intact and no nutritional value is lost during the cooking process. But sometimes nature is one step ahead of human innovations, and thus we bring you the Bamboo Putti Kutti, which is the ideal green product to make your life healthy, as well as eco-friendly. The unique flavour and fragrance imparted by this crafty appliance is sure to add zest to your daily morning routine. 

How to use Bamboo Puttu Kutti
  • You can either place this Puttu Kutti on the nozzle of a pressure cooker or with enough water in your puttu kudam if it is compatible.
  • Use the bamboo stick to push the cooked puttu from the kutti.


    A grass grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers

    100% biodegradable

    Organic & Eco friendly


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