Peepal Leaf Shaped Aranmula Kannadi / Mirror with Back Stand (Mirror size 2.5")

Peepal Leaf Shaped Aranmula Kannadi / Mirror with Back Stand (Mirror size 2.5")

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Ayurveda taught our ancestors for centuries that each part of the majestic Peepal tree; be it the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit, contained medicinal properties that would safeguard humanity from a huge variety of ailments. It is no surprise then that this beautiful tree has been worshipped in the Indian subcontinent since the early days of civilization. The leaf, in particular, is a key ingredient in all households across Kerala as it is an important element in religious rituals. The peepal shaped Aranmula Kannadi is a homage to this evergreen tree that has nurtured and protected us in a plethora of ways throughout our existence. Available with a back stand, it represents the all-encompassing love of nature, shaped and handmade in verdant fields of Aranmula.

Aranmula Kannadi, is a unique and beautiful mirror from the village of Aranmula, in the state of Kerala. Unlike ordinary glass mirrors, it is a specially hand crafted metal alloy, polished vigorously to reflect like a mirror. Considered symbols of prosperity and luck, they are available in many shapes and sizes as table mirrors and handheld ones with unparalleled finesse and beauty radiating from each one of them.

Aranmula Mirror
Width 10.5cm
Length 19.5cm
Inside mirror Size 6cm

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