Peacock Aranmula Kannadi / Metal Mirror (Mirror size 2.5")

Peacock Aranmula Kannadi / Metal Mirror (Mirror size 2.5")

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The vivid hues of the peacock personify the mesmerizing detail that goes into each and every single Aranmula Kannadi. This special peacock design symbolizes the uniqueness of these two entities, one the National Bird of India, and the other, the only metal mirrors of their kind in the whole world. These are an incredibly handy and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. Peacocks are said to originate from the feathers of Garuda (a mythical bird), who was set to be the carrier of Lord Vishnu itself. Peacock feathers adorn many households as they are considered symbols of good luck, supposedly representing Goddess Lakshmi, the Deity of Good Fortune and Wealth. These and many other mythological stories have deeply entrenched these magnificent birds in our culture, and this special Aranmula Kannadi is a testament to this very relationship.

Aranmula Kannadi, is a unique and beautiful mirror from the village of Aranmula, in the state of Kerala. Unlike ordinary glass mirrors, it is a specially hand crafted metal alloy, polished vigorously to reflect like a mirror. Considered symbols of prosperity and luck, they are available in many shapes and sizes as table mirrors and handheld ones with unparalleled finesse and beauty radiating from each one of them.

Aranmula Mirror
Width 12.5cm
Length 16cm
Inside mirror Size 6.5cm

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