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Odissi by Sujata Mohapatra

Odissi by Sujata Mohapatra
Odissi by Sujata Mohapatra
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Odissi Classical Dance by Sujata Mohapatra


  • Mangalacharan (Ganesha Vandana):- This marks the Odissi dancer’s entry on the stage, as she invokes the blessings of Lord Jagannath for an auspicious beginning. This is followed by a salutation to Mother Earth, to the Teacher, to the Accompanist and to the Audience. The dancer then prays to Lord Ganesh, remover of all obstacles, for his blessing.
  • Abhinaya :- Composed by the great Oriya poet Banamali, depicts different engrossing episodes of ‘Krishna Leela’ (Krishna’s adorable mischief). The episodes include ‘Bakasura’, ‘Shakatasura’, ‘Kaliyadamana’ and ends with ‘Viswarupa’- when little Krishna opens his mouth to reveal the entire universe, Yasoda, his mother, astounded by her son’s divinity, forgets to chide him for his mischief.
  • Pallavi ;- Pallavi means elaboration and is applicable to not only the dance but the accompanying music as well. Pallavi is marked by elegant and lyrical movements, distinct in exceptionally intricate and interwoven rhythmic patterns of beauty, emphasising on pure dance.


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