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Entwined - Violin Music Album 2


Entwined - Violin Music Album 2

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Enjoy the ecstasy of music with ‘Entwined,’ an enticing musical album from the violin maestro A. Jayadevan. The fusion of five musical instruments, violin, mridangam, ghatam, santhoor and tabla, brings in the finest elements of various schools of Indian music. The four fascinating compositions of ‘Entwined’ intimate the supreme aspects of music to the listeners.


  • Marakodi Sundari -  Ragam: Bahudhari   Thalam: Adi   Composer: G.N.Balasubrahmaniam
  • Ragam Thanam Pallavi -  Ragam: Abheri/Vhimpalash  Thalam: Khanda triputa
  • Jodi Tor Dak - Folk based on Tagore song
  • Raghupathi Raghava -  Ragam: Peelu    Thalam:  Adi, Traditional song


  • Violin:  A Jayadevan
  • Mrudangam: Neyveli B.Venkatesh
  • Tabla: Subhajyoti Guha
  • Santhoor: Sandip Chatterjee
  • Ghatam: Manjoor Unnikrishnan 
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Genre Indian Fusion
Type Instrumental
Format MP3 (Download)
Duration 50 minutes
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