Varshaa - Rain Melodies

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Varshaa - Rain Melodies

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Varshaa (Rain Melodies) or the music of rain is composed by Jaison J. Nair and Aby. Varshaa portrays the characteristic moods of Monsoon rains of Kerala.

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The parched land awaiting the first drop of rain ....
The ground beats of thunder ....
The swirling, spurting dark rain clouds in the horizon....

As the land and sky become one, life starts throbbing again, the rhapsody of the raindrops becomes the rhapsody of life. The music of monsoon becomes a music of fusion; of east and west, of earth and water.

The monsoons transform the state of Kerala into a land of verdant beauty. Locally known as Edavapathi or the heavy Southwest Monsoon and Thulavarsham or the Northeast Monsoon.These rainy seasons provide the much needed nourishment to the land and its inhabitants. The climate during the monsoon is relished by both animate and inanimate, some of which spring to life, while others get rejuvenated. In Kerala, the Monsoons cut the pace of life to a low gear, but life does not come to a halt. As the Monsoons dictate the rhythm of life, the people as well as other life forms become part of it. For some, the music that the rains bring are exciting and for those with a literary bent of mind, the climate perks up their creative thoughts. While some idle away in the all-prevailing cool ambiance, children often indulge in fun-based activities in the water world.


  1. Springtime Valley
  2. Déjà Vu
  3. Bonding Life
  4. Romancing The Rain
  5. The Wait
  6. Ecstasy
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Additional Information

Genre Indian Fusion
Type Instrumental
Format MP3 (Download)
Duration 35 minutes

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